Down Syndrome Society of Kenya

Down Syndrome Society of Kenya (DSSK) is a nonprofit charity organization working for the promotion of the welfare of persons born with the Down Syndrome.

Our Services


The DSSK does provide support for families with a child with Down syndrome. Some of...


The DSSK provides an Education Consultancy service to Preschools and  h (or similar chromosomal disorder)...

Training & Consultancies

A new service being offered to families, professionals, school personnel, therapists and other staff who...

Post School Options

Life Education (or Life Ed as it is often referred) is a user pays program...

Independent Living

For a long time it was the ‘norm’ for parents of a child with Down...

Leisure and Recreation

The aim of these activities is to assist young people with Down syndrome to: a....

Community Relations

Educating people about Down syndrome and raising the Society’s profile within the general community are...

Parent Workshops

DSSK is available to provide workshops. The training includes your rights, the special education process,...

Medical In-Service Program

Education for Healthcare Professionals We are committed to continuing our medical in-service programs because we...

Public Awareness Program

Our public awareness programs help to educate the public about Down syndrome. We make current...

Resource Referrals

DSSK assists families by referring them to appropriate services and by assisting them in advocating...

Contact us

Circle Academy, Next to Commodore suites
Kindaruma Road, Kilimani

P.O.BOX 394-00200
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0722723013/0722527041/0722513697
How can I help?
1.Have a positive accepting attitude toward persons with Down Syndrome
2.Interact with persons with Down Syndrome
3.Invest in the life of someone with Down Syndrome by assisting the DSSK to educate, enable and empower them.

You can participate by becoming:
• Down’s institutions - Corporates that donate, employ and assist through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
• Down’s Centres - Organisations that take care of persons with DS i.e schools, hospitals etc.
• A friend and supporter - Individual who donate and volunteer.
“ To the world you can be one person but to one person you just be the world."