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About us

Down Syndrome Society of Kenya (DSSK) is a nonprofit charity organization working for the promotion of the welfare of persons born with the Down Syndrome and relies on contributions from supporters, friends and members to run its programs. The society was registered under the registrar of society’s Act in December 2003.

DSSK was successfully launched on 6th march 2004. The Society has a national membership of over 3000 individual persons and affiliate groups all over the country. DSSK’s objective is to achieve TOTAL INCLUSION of persons with Down Syndrome into the society.

Our vision:

To be the Centre of Excellence for individuals with Down Syndrome, their families and the community.

Our mission:
To bring together persons with DS, parents and guardians, caregivers and professionals as well as individuals interested in persons with DS.
To act as a ready reference, refuge, friend and support for all such people.

Key Goals:
To create awareness among all the sectors of the economy including: the general public, healthcare professionals and education institutions about DS and how to address it.
To offer support and assistance including: counseling, information and networking to persons with DS in Kenya and to do all within its means to promote their welfare and well being.
To become a visible and vocal advocate for the rights of persons with DS and to influence policies on the same.
To promote and encourage research into causes, manifestation and treatment of DS
To affiliate and network with local and international organizations with objects and purposes altogether or in part similar to those of the society.
Recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity
creativity and innovativeness in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the lives of persons with DS
Honesty and transparency – being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and open in our judgments and communications with others.

Contact us

Down Syndrome Society of Kenya (DSSK)
Guru Nanak Ramgarhia Sikh Hospital Murang’a Road.
P.O.BOX 394-00200
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 (020) 6761386, +254 720 555 287
Email: downsyndromekenya@yahoo. com,
Website: www.dssk.or.ke