Independent Living | Down Syndrome Society of Kenya

For a long time it was the ‘norm’ for parents of a child with Down syndrome to be advised that the best place for their child was an institution. For those families who went against this advice, there wasn’t an expectation that the child would ever be able to live independently.

Over time, as more and more research has been conducted, there is now a greater understanding of Down syndrome. This has led to an expectation that the child with Down syndrome not only belongs in the family unit but also has the ability to participate in and make a contribution to society.

Hence our young people today are growing up with a belief and an expectation that they will one day move out on their own just as their siblings and peers do. Whilst families are keen to support their children’s dreams, the question remains – where can they go?

The Society has recently formed an Accommodation committee to investigate the possible options available for people with Down syndrome who want (and are able) to move out of home.

The committee has split into two groups; one to investigate options within government housing (no capital input required from parents/carers) and the other to investigate self funded options (capital input required from parents/carers).

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