Post School Options | Down Syndrome Society of Kenya

Life Education (or Life Ed as it is often referred) is a user pays program run by the Society and designed for people who have left school. Conducted on the Society’s premises, the aim of Life Ed is to enhance the individual’s ability to access and participate independently, safely and with dignity in all community activities.

In order to achieve it’s aim, Life Ed offers specifically tailored programs in literacy, numeracy and personal development that all have a life skills focus. Below is an outline of the skill areas each program seeks to enhance.

Literacy – an individualized program that consolidates and extends the participant’s literacy skills in:

cooking – following recipes
a. community signs
b. safety – medical and household
c. labels and menus
d. emergency procedures
e. simple warning signs
f. telephone and alphabet listings
g. newspapers
h. forms and writing for a purpose
i. writing shopping lists and telephone messages

Numeracy – an individualized program that gives participant’s skills in:

a. time and time management
b. timetables
c. measurement for daily living
d. money management to increase independence and minimize risk

Personal Development – an individualized program that enhances the participant’s understanding and skills in:

a. friendships and relationships
b. speaking and conversations
c. personal safety
d. sexuality